Bull & Moose Tavern Podcast

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A political podcast where we discuss both American History and Current Events. We also review a beverage each episode.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. A Libertarian's and Socialist walk into a bar

    Todays Drink: Devils Brewing Schwartz Bier Black Lager Our Sponser: Ridleys Gaming Realm Finally late, Aaron and Jakes debate from the 4th of July weekend   ...


  2. Conspiracy Crossover with Aaron

    Special Publish of The Campfire Chats. My co-host from the Bull and Moose Tavern Podcast stops by the campfire to discuss more conspiracy theories and some announcements about the Bull and Moose Tavern Podcast. Todays Sponser: Ridleys Gaming Realm ...


  3. He is the smartest person in the world?

    Todays beer Mexican Lager Young Lion Brewing Company   Jake and Aaron meet up to discuss the politics of Idiocracy. Also we discuss some local Rochester politics in the mayors husband being arrested on drug charges.   Todays Sponsers Ridleys Gaming Realm Off The Pages Travel ...


  4. Prohibition: The Episode the DEA doesnt want you to hear

    Todays drink - Pils Mafia   Aaron joins me to talk about prohibition from the 1900s to now. ...


  5. Alt History WW1

    Todays Drink - Nothing Its another technical difficults eposide. We discuss how history would look if WW1 didnt happen or ended differently. ...