Bull & Moose Tavern Podcast

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A political podcast where we discuss both American History and Current Events. We also review a beverage each episode.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Road to the Constitution 2

    Jake and Aaron continue their discussion of the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers. ...


  2. Political Comments from Mooseport

    Todays Drink Voodoo Ranger Atomic Pumpkin Ridleys Gaming Realm is our sponser Aaron and Jake get together to talk the politics 2004s Welcome to Mooseport ...


  3. Road to the Constitution: Federalist 1 and John Dewitt 1

    Todays Drink: Dark & Stormy Todays Sponser: Ridleys Gaming Realm Aaron and Jake get together to start their Road to the Constitution series talking baout Federalist 1 and John Dewitt 1. ...


  4. I Knew You'd Say That

    Todays Sponser: Ridleys Gaming Realm Todays Drink: Roc Brewing Lagerithm Lager We talk the politics of the 1995 hit movie Judge Dredd. Of course we go off topic to the politics of algeritms and blind justice. Also we announce our new series coming to the Bull and Moose Tavern Podcast, Road ...


  5. A Libertarian's and Socialist walk into a bar

    Todays Drink: Devils Brewing Schwartz Bier Black Lager Our Sponser: Ridleys Gaming Realm Finally late, Aaron and Jakes debate from the 4th of July weekend   ...