Bull & Moose Tavern Podcast

--- Jake Duell & Aaron Ruby ---

A political podcast where we discuss both American History and Current Events. We also review a beverage each episode.
Brought to you by Jake Duell & Aaron Ruby of Bull & Moose Tavern Podcast

Latest Episodes…

  1. About the Miltary

    Todays drink creamy red birch beer Today we talk about the US Military, its constitutionality, growth, controversies and aliens. ...


  2. The Economic Cold War and Economics of America

    Todays brew - Komes Russian Imperial Stout Aaron and Jake meet up to talk about the economic cold war, then move way off topic to talk about economics in general. ...


  3. Live from the Corp Town

    Todays Drink Guinness Nitro Cold Brew Coffee   Aaron and Jake discuss Corporate Towns, thier history and possible return in the United States.   ...


  4. Season 2 Baby! The Current Events Eposide

    This weeks drink: Cream Cream Ale, aka Genny Cream Ale with Cream Liqueur dropped in. Aaron and Jake meet up to do our once a season current events eposide. We talk about the election, Jan 6th 2021, Joe Bidens presidency, corporate towns, renaming buildings and impeachment. ...


  5. On Seasons Ending and Friendship

    Today's drink Kona Brewings Longboard Island Lager Aaron joins me at the tavern to end out a first season, talk about divided politics and friendship in our divided landscape. Thanks for listening this season. ...